Create a Culture Where People Grow With The Company

With Awwardio you can recognize great work, build engaging teams, promote core values and increase talent retention.

Goals Management

Establish clear objectives, make them visible and promote self development in the entire organization

Align Core Values

Make company values a focus every single day by providing a common purpose that everyone understands and works towards

Bring Visibility

Make everyone's accomplishments and efforts visible to the entire organization, even if they are working entirely remotely. Ensure that their efforts and positive interactions are recognized, respected, and appreciated on a daily basis.

Increase Talent Retention

Lack of appreciation is one of the main reasons for talents turnover. Increase top talent loyalty by rewarding hard work at any time or location.


Great goals lead to great rewards!
Offer instantly available digital gift cards from the most popular brands as well as easy nonprofit donations

Recognition Culture

Build an awesome recognition culture that boosts talents engagement and helps them feel valued

Understand Your People

Get meaningful insights into talents interactions and relationships, find key team players and informal leaders. Use advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions, implement effective solutions, and improve talents satisfaction.

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